8 comments to Iron vs Steel Rivets — Why the Titanic Sank

  • Anonymous

    so whatr part of this was on the ship and was this th actul cause of the ship to sink

  • Anonymous

    well it took on water…. that is why it sank.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for this artical

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  • John Stephen Ellis

    A BBC Documentary on the Titanic’s construction showed an original invoice for the purchase of a colossal amount of rivets, they also explained that cost savings determined that the cheaper rivet – lets say Grade 2 – was ordered by the Shipbuilder. It can not be considered unreasonable that this decision was made at the time and most certainly would not have been made on a whim. It argued that Grade 1 rivets would have resisted the holing caused by the iceberg.
    The programme went into detail on the different grades of rivets and their cost at the time.

  • Anon

    Lives lost due to cost cutting. When has this ever happened before or since? Why doesn’t management listen to Engineers and Scientists who tell them it isn’t safe? To save money…

  • JD

    I love how everyone thinks themselves an expert on the matter. The fact is, it wouldn’t have made any difference what type of rivets were used, or how cold the water was; the enormous force behind the collision would have pushed those plates in, and they would have parted. Energy of the collision has to go somewhere. You only have to consider how Costa Concordia welded modern steel was peeled open like a tin can.

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