The Neuron Chamber — Spike/Arc Puller Proof Of Concept

As I mentioned in the original post describing The Neuron Chamber one of the core elements is a completely original, technically challenging, electric/kinetic effect that we are developing specifically for this project.

The goal is to pull an electric arc though an complex, horizontal curve.

Think of it as horizontal Jacobs Ladder.

I bet you’re asking why not just turn a Jacobs Ladder on it’s side. Well, simply put, the arc of the JL rises because the heat of the arc creates a pressure differential between the air above it and bellow it which draws the arc upwards. That means that JL really only tend to go upwards and like to go straight up. We want an orthogonal effect.

To do this we are going hook one end of a neon sign transformer (NST) to two mental tubes (likely stainless steel) which are bent to shape of the curve we want. Through those two tubes we’ll run 0.25″ diameter, stainless steel ball chain. Attached to the balls of the chain will be little pointy do-dads. Parallel to the tubes and aligned with the do-dads will be a another metal element which is hooked up to the other terminal of the NST.

The ball chain will be attached to a drive sprocket on one end and a passive pulley on the other. A motor controlling the sprocket will move the chain through the tube. One of tThe do-dads on the ball chain will arc with the parallel terminal and travel its length. When it breaks there’ll be another do-dad all set and ready to arc.

Got that? There will be a quiz.

Here are some picture of the janky proof-of-concept set up:

Here is the layout. The NST (9000 V) is the black box, the passive pulley is on the left, the drive sprocket on the right, the simulated tube is the copper sleeve on the bottom.

Next are detailed photos of these components.

And amazingly it worked on the second try. Below are some shots of the arc at various points as I turn the sprocket. In this first photo you can see the little copper wire I’m using as a do-dad.

In this last image you can see that the arc wants to pull up like ti does on a JL. I’m not sure how this is going to effect what we want to do.

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