The Neuron Chamber — Setting up for Lightwave at the Science Gallery

Where in the world is The Neuron Chamber? — it’s in Dublin!  Yes folks The Neuron Chamber successfully made its long journey across the pond.  We arrived a few days ago and began setting it up.  We’ve been super busy here at the Science Gallery getting everything ready for the Lightwave show which is why I’ve not posted much yet.  But expect that to change.

I arrived last Monday and began the slow process of getting our huge crate through customs and up to the second floor of the gallery.  David followed a day later and, unlike my smooth journey, he suffered though several delays and canceled flights.  While he eventual got here in one piece some of out parts did not. A box carrying some of our equipment opened some where along the way and one of our custom fabricated parts was lost in the process.  More on that later on.

Jo and Ben arrived on Saturday and  jumped right in and have gotten us way ahead of schedule.

So the instillation is coming together fantastically.  The Science Gallery staff has been wonderful; we’ve gotten great support and everyone here is excited about the piece.  We’ve meet allot of fantastic artists form around the world and I’m psyched to see all there instillations.

Here are some photos from the first few days of work.

Stay tuned as I’ll be trying to post more frequently.

Finally, I’d like to thank all the fantastic Almost Scientific readers who donated to the project.  I have no doubt that your contributions have enabled everything to run so smoothly.  Thank you so very much.









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