The Raygun Gothic Rocket: First set of parts

3 … 2 … 1 … LIFT OFF!

I’m very excited to announce that fantastic crew that brought you The Steampunk Treehouse has reunited with new recruits to start a new mind-blowing project: The Raygun Gothic Rocket.

And, of course, Almost Scientific, has signed up!

After you are done checking out these photos from our “we got our first parts” BBQ you should go to the Raygun Rocket web-page and check out all the inspirational images!  Then you can go and become a fan on Facebook!

The core skeleton has been CADed up and almost all the key parts are getting CNC cut so, hopefully, getting the rocket built will go quickly and give us allot of time to trick out the inside.

Here are some highlights of the structure:

Highest Project Element, 40′ tall
Gantry 40’ tall, 8’ x ‘8 wide
Rocket with tail fins 36’ tall, 8′ diameter
Rocket without tail fins 28’ tall
Tail fins 16’ tall, 3’ wide at base flaring to 7’ joined at fuselage
Walkway between Gantry and Rocket 4’ wide, 10’ long, 36’ tall w/ railings. Located 28’ up from the ground.
Smallest Raygun Gothic Rocket + Gantry footprint: 60’ x 20’ (1,200 sq’)
Largest project footprint: 83’ diameter circle (5,408 sq’)

On Saturday we had a little BBQ to celebrate the first of the parts coming in.

Here is the the primary CAD drawing.  We’ve gone for a classic inverted teardrop design with three fins.  The whole thing is going to be cladded in Aluminium sheet!


Some of the parts.



Here are a few of the RGR crew standing around the flange that is at the widest part of the rocket.  It’s going to be a tight fit!


Here is a shot showing the widest and narrowest floor section.



Here is a first prototype of Davids start chart device.




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