Raygun Gothic Rocket at the Desert Arts Preview

Here is a fresh transmission from the Raygun Gothich Rocket project:

Raygun Gothic Rocket on Make blog!

Check out the post on the Make blog about the Raygun Gothic Rocket featuring video by Almost Scientific!:

It Doesn’t Cook Alien Brains, But Yes, It Is a Neuron Chamber — Almost Scientific featured in Solid Smack

My pal Corbett over at Instinct Engineering just let me know that Almost Scientific and The Neuron Chamber were featured on the Solid Works design blog Solid Smack. You can find the original post here, but here is the text of the post:

It’s not so much that everything in the future will be built [...]

Raygun Gothic Rocket Video Highlights

Raygun Gothic Rocket work night

Just another night building the Raygun Gothic Rocket:

The Neuron Chamber on Laughing Squid

Laughing Squid is always one of the first blogs I check out to see what is going on in the Bay Area and beyond, so it was supper cool to load it up this morning and see The Neuron Chamber right there at the top of the page.

Thanks Laughing Squid!

Burstein! wrote:

The [...]

Anoter video of The Neuron Chmaber at Maker Faire

Here is a every so slightly more polished (and short) video of The Neuron Chamber experience at Maker Faire this year.

Overall we had a fantastic time. I’d like to thank Dale and all the other organizers of Maker Faire for putting together such a fantastic event.

Thanks also to CTP and Nemo for pulling [...]

Raygun Gothic Rocket Model — Blastoff!

First, I did the 3d model. Then Jo printed the model and cast it, then …

The Neuron Chamber in Gizmodo

Tom Sepe just passed me a link to a Gizmodo post featuring The Neuron Chamber.

Here is my posted reply to the orginal post and the comments:

Hello all –

I’m the artist responsible for The Neuron Chamber.

First, thanks to Gizmodo for the post and thanks to ya’all for the comments.

Second, The Neuron [...]