The Neuron Chamber in Gizmodo

Tom Sepe just passed me a link to a Gizmodo post featuring The Neuron Chamber.

Here is my posted reply to the orginal post and the comments:

Hello all –

I’m the artist responsible for The Neuron Chamber.

First, thanks to Gizmodo for the post and thanks to ya’all for the comments.

Second, The Neuron Chamber is a collaborative work and credit should also be give to Ben Carpenter (, Jo Slota ( and David Shulman.

Third, I assure you this is not a work of Steampunk art. Just because an object has brass fittings on it does not mean it is Steampunk. Trust me, I’ve built Stampunk art and this is not it.

And to address other comments:

We estimate The Neuron Chamber will likely become sentient when we hook it up to the internet and feed it a steady stream of blog comments and tweets.

Maker Faire has always show art, especially, hand made, interactive kieneitc art.

If you think art is dead then you are not living.

I’m not sure what a Flood parasite is but I hope it’s tremendously evil and difficult to kill.

I’m also not sure why a neuroscientist would be offended by this post or The Neuron Chamber. Some of my best friends are neuroscientists and they’ll assure you this is one of the least offensive things I’ve ever done.


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