It Doesn’t Cook Alien Brains, But Yes, It Is a Neuron Chamber — Almost Scientific featured in Solid Smack

My pal Corbett over at Instinct Engineering just let me know that Almost Scientific and The Neuron Chamber were featured on the Solid Works design blog Solid Smack.  You can find the original post here, but here is the text of the post:

It’s not so much that everything in the future will be built around the idea that we’ll need a proper vessel to study the organs of extraterrestrial life, but you can imagine very quickly that it would need to look stinkin’ cool… and have lights and bolts and stuff.

For instance, it would almost certainly look like the Neuron Chamber by Alan Rorie. It’s Art. It’s Kinetic. It’s Almost Scientific and it’s a mash-up of 3D mechanical design, late nights spent welding and entertaining the minds and hearts of attendees of the Maker Faire and other events.

Alan gives ya some more insight to how he creates his art. Prepare your mind.

I usually have my SolidWorks models loaded up in the shop so I can pull whatever measurements I need on the fly. For me allot of the fun of of using SolidWorks is spending a lot of time building a nice model and then slowly seeing it come to life in the real world. I’m also love to see how you think and interact with the object changes, as the real world constraints (and mates) take over.

We are currently using SolidWorks to design many of the elements of the Raygun Gothic Rocket (the model).


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