New Work: The Raygun Gothic Rocket Uira Engine

Over the past few months we’ve been getting allot of questions about what exactly is going to power the Raygun Gothic Rocket.  Until now we’ve been been engaged in a massive misinformation campaign to keep our revolutionary engine design a secrete.  However, now that we are moving out of the R&D stage and into fabrication it’s only a matter of time before the secretes start leaking out, so we’ve decided to just come out in the open begin to publish information on our revolutionary Uira Engine.

The Uira Engine will be located in the lower girdle of the Rocket, below the floor of the first level.  It consists of two trays of three, replaceable Plasma Cylinders.  The Plasma Cylinders are a direct development of Almost Scientifics research into high voltage dielectric barrier discharge.  Each tray of Plasma Cylinders will be slowly counter rotating in relation to the other.

There will be more details in the coming weeks, but for now here are a few images of the design and the start of the build process.

Side view.  You can see the six Plasma Cylinders, the upper tray (the lower is the same but not in this drawing), the HV sliprings and the kienetic base.

Core v2 side

Top view.  The floor will be transparent and the Uira Engine will be direcly below your feet.

Core v2 top

Tilted view.

Core v2 ang

Close up of the kienetic core providing the counter rotation.  The two aqua colored discs are the gears shown in the next few photos.

Core v2close

Here is the first complete real part  of the kienetic elements.  The gear is mounted to a custom fabricated collar that allows it to be attached to the lower tube.

RGR_engine (1 of 4)RGR_engine (2 of 4)RGR_engine (3 of 4)RGR_engine (4 of 4)

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