Experiments with Vacuum and Plasma — Advancing The Uira Engine

On Friday the Almost Scientific team documented a series of experiments conducted on the Plasma Tubes of the Uira Engine.

These experiments were largely in preparation for November 5th, 2009, when we will be doing a controlled testing firing of The Uira Engine at The Exploratorium in San Francisco.

The goal of these experiments was to qualitatively (for the moment) determine the effect of a vacuum on plasma output.In the following experiments we apply a 630 torr vacuum (~83%) to one of The Uira Engines plasma tubes. The result is dramatic.

In these photos and videos you can watch as we start at a very low input voltage, generating minimal plasma output, and by simply evacuating the tube we dramatically increase the plasma output.

As a minor caveat we’d like to point out this experiment was conducted on a used Plasma Tube, thus the initial plasma output at low voltages underrepresented the systems capability. We anticipate a vacuum on a newly prepared tube would produce even an greater enhancement of plasma output.

Here you can see the experimental tube at the start of the experiment.  All these experiments were preformed with a 15 kV transformer.

Experiments_Plasma_Vacuum (1 of 6)

Here on the top is the same tube (different angle) shot with a 1 second exposure, at a low input voltage (~60 V) to the transformers primary.  The image below that one is the same tube, same exposure, same input voltage, but under a 630 torr vacuum.

Experiments_Plasma_Vacuum (2 of 6)

Experiments_Plasma_Vacuum (3 of 6)

Here is the same view of the same tube, however the input voltage to the primary is 120 V and the exposure is 1/3 second.

Experiments_Plasma_Vacuum (4 of 6)

Here is an overall view of experimental rig.  The tube is on the left, the vacuum pump in the middle and the vacuum gauge is on the right.  This is a 30 second exposure in the same lighting conditions as the photos above.

Experiments_Plasma_Vacuum (6 of 6)

Here is a great little video where you can see the vacuum enhanced plasma effect for yourself:

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