Video Documentary of the Raygun Gothic Rocket — from West Oakland to Black Rock City

This is a documentary of the making of the Raygun Gothic Rocket and its installation at Burningman.

One day when I was working on the rocket, this kid showed up with all this camera gear and lights. He started setting up and taking shots in the middle of the shop while people were working. Not just snapshots, mind you, but actual photographs.

I remember being a little annoyed at first, because he was kind of in the way, and he wasn’t there to do anything but take pictures.

But when I saw the photos this guy was taking, they were amazing.

I got to know him, and it turns out he’s an amazing photographer and videographer named Sean Donnelly.

After taking photos and videos of us throughout the making of the Rocket, he came out to Burningman with us to videotape the installation. In addition to putting together a great Oakland Tribune article about us, he also did this video documentary that he just posted on Vimeo.

So many times I cringe whenever I see myself in a video that features the work we do.  But because Sean spent so much time with us, I think he really captured who we were and what the project was about.

I love how it shows the project from the beginning to the end, all the way through to the installation. It really focused on the people. Sean realized early on that the people who made the rocket made it to be with the people who were making it. The fact this video shows that is one of the things I like about it.

Blast Off! from Sean Donnelly on Vimeo.

a documentary on the building of the raygun gothic rocketship!

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