West Oakland Rocketry Club Highlights

The West Oakland Rocketry Club is an Art Rocketry club, based out of West Oakland CA, that Almost Scientific has been part of since the first launch.

Every once in a while (usually at the prompting of Radio Robot) we gather up our hot glue guns, cardboard tubes, Estes motors, wires, pie, our custom designed Launch Control Case and whatever we have lying around, and together we build art rockets.  Since this is art rocketry not rocket science we work with a philosophy that the rockets don’t need to go up, but they do need to go somewhere.

We’ve built rockets out of almost everything: frozen turkeys, snow men, pods, ice, Slinky, Chinese food containers, steel, Popsicle sticks, feathers, and pork rinds.  We’ve launched them in rain and snow.

While the rockets we make are awesome and amazing to launch the best part is gathering with friends to spontaneously make art.

Below is a slide show of some of my best photos of WORC since it’s first meeting.

Enjoy. Go build your own, and leave the instructions in the box.

(and wear safety goggles)

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