Video of the Bring Your Own Big Wheel Race!

I live on the most twisty street in San Francisco.  No, not Lombard St … Vermont St!  And of all the crazy, stupid events that happens on this street on a regular basis the best is the Bring Your Own Big Wheel race (BYOBW).

That’s right, on Easter Sunday, all the beautiful, freaky people grab something with plastic wheels and spend a few hours racing whatever they brought down the twists of my hill.  This year is was pouring rain and super windy but it takes more then that to defeat the San Francisco freak.

To those who raced past my house, as I sat warm and dry, drinking a beer, I say — Thank you for the superb entertainment!

It’s crazy, stupid, fun, free events like this that make SF the most creative and interesting city in America.

Here are some videos I shot of the race from my window:

The first is a manual and arbitrary time lapse.  I simply took a photo whenever I thought to until my SD card was full:

Since that fails to fully capture the events raw crazy (doubled this year because of the rain) here is a short video of race as seen from my window:

Finally, one of my favorite moments is when the races are put on hold so that a whole mess of racers can walk up to the top of the hill and race again:

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