Help Plant a Tree House!

The Five Ton Crane Arts Group proudly announces…!
the historic, permanent installation of…!
the beloved Steampunk Tree House!

This iconic, fully immersive work of art was the first epic creation by the Oakland based arts group Five Ton Crane. First exhibited at the 2007 Burning Man festival in Nevada, it went on to capture imaginations all over the world!

This June 2010 the Tree House will plant its permanent roots on the East Coast. Visitors can once again clamber up the trunk, peer through the spyglass, look out over the balcony, work the levers of the Triaparator, flap the kinetic wings of the vulture and wonder at the story behind this mysterious habitation that they have stumbled upon.

This is the first time in the history of Burning Man that a large-scale sculpture of this type, originally funded for the playa, has been permanently installed … anywhere!

But… this historic event will not happen without your help!

To acknowledge your generous support, the 5TC Crew have created a series of custom gifts for you to remember us by.

$5 – Your own small, sharp, round, and easily attached piece of  Steampunk Tree House memorabilia, designed by our own Snarky McF*ckbutton.

$25 – The Tree House, in addition to being wired for digital sound (and plumbed for steam sound) has its own soundtrack. Did you know? Own the CD… created by our very own Nick Winterhalter.

$50 – The Tree House t-shirts, 100% cotton. Lovely, sturdy, simple. Hides grease stains exceptionally well (and we should know).

$150 – Branch pendant designed by 5TC crew member and professional jewelry designer Bonnie Heras, and made out of discarded metal from the Tree House’s reconstruction.

$175 – Laser-etched Tree House pin designed and built by artist Max Chen.

$200 – Limited edition print of the enigmatic portrait of an unknown adventurer created by artist and crew member Leslie Frierman Grunditz. The original still hangs on the Tree House’s walls. You can look on yours and speculate as to who else in the world is looking at the same mysterious gentleman at that very moment.

$250 -  Limited edition Tree House T-shirt, and one of the aforementioned pins or pendants.

$2,500 -Your name cast in bronze on our donor wall inside the Tree House for future archaeologists to find and marvel over.

$5000 -Your name cast in bronze on our donor wall inside the Tree House for future archaeologists to find and marvel over.
- All of the above

$10,000 – A romantic catered dinner in the Tree House after it is permanently installed for you and a friend, with artist Sean Orlando as your waiter.
- Round trip flights to the East Coast
- Overnight accommodations
- Ground transportation to and from the Tree House
- Your name cast in bronze on our donor wall inside the Tree House
- All of the above

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