What’s going on right now!

At this very moment I am with the rest of the Five Ton Crane Crew in Milton, Delaware (Rehoboth Beach, really) installing The Steampunk Treehouse for the very last time.

Why is this the last time?  Well, it is now part of Dogfish Head Brewery!

The install is going well, and the folks at the brewery are amazingly cool and incredibly excited to get the house. We’ve just begun the install, and we’ve not had any time to get proper photos or video together, but it’s all going really well.  I’ve been posting some updates on twitter if you want to stay up to date on the install. I’ve built a whole new set of apertures for them, and there are lots of other new details we’ve added, so I’ll be sure to get some photos of all that.

Also, there is a film crew from the Discovery Channel here who are doing a series on the brewery, and they’ve been focused on us for the past few days. They have gotten some great footage.  The show won’t air until January, but we’ve been told the Treehouse install will be the subject of one of the 45-minute episodes.

In other news:  The Raygun Gothic Rocketship has been 100% enthusiastically approved for a 14-month-long, public installation on the San Francisco waterfront at Pier 14! The landing is scheduled for August 8!  Yikes, that’s soon!

As part of that, the Almost Scientific team has been designing a Rocket Stop. What is a Rocket Stop?  Well, a Rocket Stop is to Rockets what a Bus Stop is to buses.  It will be a 11′-tall steel sculpture with a 40″ back-lit graphical display (graphically designed by by Five Ton Crane’s ever-awesome Jody Medich.)  There will be a lot more posts about that in the coming weeks.

A lot going on this summer!

Oh, and, The Raygun Gothic Rocketship was also just featured on Wired! Let David take you a nice tour of the RGR:

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