It’s Alive! Mini-Mover 5 resurrected with Arduino!

When I saw this 5DOF robotic I fell in love with it, that was in the 80s when I was just a little kid. I aways wanted one. So the other day when I saw it collecting dust and longing for the days when it was cutting edge I knew I had to resurrect it. It’s really just controlled by 6 stepper motors so I stripped out all the electronics and hooked it up to two EasyDrivers under Arduino control and wrote a simple Processing program to interface with it. I only had two drivers sitting around but I’ve got more coming, so soon I’ll have full control of this 80s wonder. Not sure what I’m going to do with it yet. But I’m toying with the idea of having it play with a mouse … a real mouse.

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  • Michael Herbig

    Hi I will try the same like you!
    But I run into some problems..
    How did you manage the power of the stepper-motors?
    Comes the power also from the EasyDriver?
    Or a separate power-supply unit?
    Because the stepper-motors needs 12V and 4Amps, isn’t it?

    Right now my stepper is doing nothing…
    I figured out the center-tabs, so I got 4 wires for my EasyDriver.
    All is connected like here:

    And I used a simple code for testing it, but nothing happens

    int pinStep = 3;
    int pinDir = 2;

    void setup()
    pinMode(pinDir, OUTPUT); /* Richtung */
    pinMode(pinStep, OUTPUT); /* Schritte */

    void loop()

    /* ├ťblicherweise:
    – 1,8┬░/ Schritt
    – 200 Schritte/ Umdrehung
    – 8 Mirkoschritte = 1 Schritt
    –> 1600 Mikroschritte = 1 Umdrehung
    drehen(1600,300); /* Anzahl der Mikroschritte , Zeit in ms */
    delay(5000); /* Pause */
    drehen(-1600,300); /* Anzahl der Mikroschritte , Zeit in ms */
    delay(5000); /* Pause */

    void drehen(int schritte, int tempo)
    if(schritte > 0) /* Positive Drehrichtung */
    else /* Negative Drehrichtung */

    schritte = abs(schritte); /* Absolute Schritte */

    for(int i=0; i < schritte; i++)
    digitalWrite(pinStep, HIGH);
    digitalWrite(pinStep, LOW);

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