Lightning in a bottle at the Sonoma County Museum


Here’s a video of part of my talk and performance at the Sonoma County Museum. The people who came asked really good questions and were really into it. We had a bunch of scientists and electrical engineers. I think they liked the lightning. There’s more video of other parts of the lecture to come. Not [...]

The Uira Engine – Art and Science lecture at the Sonoma County Museum

It worked! When you try new things on an experimental sculpture, you can’t always test them before the show, so you just have to just do it there and hope for the best. And it was amazing that it worked! I knew we had done our job right when we had a bunch [...]

15 kV @ 100 mm

Ever since I started to make high voltage arcs for shits and giggles I’ve wanted to get really, really, really, really close up to one, watch it spark and wiggle. This is as dangerous as you think it is, so I’ve never done it (these guys do). I know you can get some [...]

Uira Engine Plasma Tube Test

I know I’ve posted a video of some of the experiments we did involving evacuating the plasma tubes of the Uira Engine but I’m not sure I ever posted any video of this later tube design.


Video of experiments with conductive glass

Experiments with conductive glass from Almost Scientific on Vimeo.

Here we’ve created a dielectric barrier discharge with transparent, conductive glass.

Experiments with Vacuum and Plasma — Advancing The Uira Engine

On Friday the Almost Scientific team documented a series of experiments conducted on the Plasma Tubes of the Uira Engine.

These experiments were largely in preparation for November 5th, 2009, when we will be doing a controlled testing firing of The Uira Engine at The Exploratorium in San Francisco.

The goal of these experiments was [...]

Lightning Rings

Almost Scientific collaborator Dr. Wade Enright has been in town for the past few days and we’ve been working on some new high-voltage effects with him.

These are continuations of out past experiments with dielectric barrier discharge

Hear are some photos from last nights experiments. Thanks to Nick for shooting these photos while we made [...]

Making lightning in the bathroom

Over the past few weeks we have started some experiments with dielectric barrier discharge as a way of generating high voltage corona and plasma discharge across a surface. This is a technique used by Kerry Tunstall and Wade Enright to produce their high voltage work and they passed the method on to us [...]