Preview of The Rocket Stop audio system upgrade [video]


Maker Faire 2011!

Whew! Maker Faire. My favorite event of the year, but it is exhausting. So much stuff to see, so many awesome people (new and old) to chat with. It was so fantastic meeting so many of you that follow my work on the blog.

Thanks so much to all those who [...]

Mark Pauline on taking the long way around and spine robots

Shortly after I gave my talk at the Sonoma County Museum as part of the Mad Science show Mark Pauline, founder of Survival Research Labs gave his talk about founding SRL.

Mark and the SRL crew had their new Spine Robot installed as part of the show, and they did one of their famous street [...]

Science at Burning Man: Micro Zoo

This is a fantastic idea. I love the idea of my Exploratorium friends running around Black Rock talking to people about the science that is all around them. Everything from the chemistry of glow-stics to the physics of a white out. Check out their youtube channel for more.


Interview on Make Blog

If you missed it Make blog did a nice interview with me regarding my affiliation with Applied Kinetic Arts. I’ve reposted the text below. You should also go check out the interviews they did with Nemo, Ben and Jeremy.

Over the past few [...]

What’s going on right now!

At this very moment I am with the rest of the Five Ton Crane Crew in Milton, Delaware (Rehoboth Beach, really) installing The Steampunk Treehouse for the very last time.

Why is this the last time? Well, it is now part of Dogfish Head Brewery!

The install is going well, and the folks at the [...]

Rocket Stop Poster by Jody Medich

Promotional poster for the Raygun Gothic Rocketship Rocket Stop by Five Ton Crane’s kick-ass Jody Medich.

Almost Scientific at Maker Faire May 21, 22 and 23

I think we’ve just recovered from bringing The Neuron Chamber to Maker Faire 2009 and now Maker Faire 2010 is upon us.

We are going to have a lot going on this year. In addition to once again showing new work with the ever awesome Applied Kinetic Arts, we are also going to be putting [...]

Almost Scientific Showing on March 5

Almost Scientific will be showing The Triaparator and some new odds and ends on Friday, March 5th.

The show is at 416 26th Street, Oakland, (Betw.Telegraph and Broadway)

This is the first show of the nascent Five Ton Crane.


Dog Park Science Part 2: The Neurobiology of Dog Training

Last week I delivered the second of two talks on “Dog Park Science,” at the Exploratorium. You can find the audio of the first talk here. The two talks are on very different topics. The first is on the evolution of the dog, while this second one is about some of the core animal psychology [...]

Video of experiments with conductive glass

Experiments with conductive glass from Almost Scientific on Vimeo.

Here we’ve created a dielectric barrier discharge with transparent, conductive glass.

Thank you!

Thank you all for coming to the show last night at The Exploratorium. I had a great and exhausting time. It was fantastic to see so many friends out in the crowd, and I’m sorry I did not get to talk to any of you for as long as I would have liked.

I’d like [...]

Experiments with Vacuum and Plasma — Advancing The Uira Engine

On Friday the Almost Scientific team documented a series of experiments conducted on the Plasma Tubes of the Uira Engine.

These experiments were largely in preparation for November 5th, 2009, when we will be doing a controlled testing firing of The Uira Engine at The Exploratorium in San Francisco.

The goal of these experiments was [...]


Oakland Tribune video featuring the crew of the RGR

My friends … my crew.

I come in at around 1:30 mins.


The Raygun Gothic Rocket, Uira Engine and Almost Scientific on Cnet!

Check out this Cnet article on the RGR, featuring a very garbled explanation of the Uira Engines drive mechanism. I had no idea this guy was shooting video with his DSLR. This video starts pretty much right after I finally got it all working. There is also a shot of the Dihemispheric Chronaether Agitator in [...]