Incoming Transmission – Moon Lab 42

Here is one of the videos that will be playing insider The Raygun Gotic Rocket. It was written and directed by Ben Carpenter, Edited by Wendy Rolon and preformed by Me and David Shulman.

Meet Paul Doherty

Paul Doherty is one of the worlds best science teacher and communicator I know, and as one of the senior scientists here he is also my adviser at the Exploratorium. Here is Paul in his element, showing off one of his fun, cool physics toys and teaching about Newtons laws on public television:

QUEST [...]

Toms S.C.O.U.T rover

Also be sure to check out Tom Sepe and his S.C.O.U.T. rover, which will be running critical missions for the Raygun Gothic Rocket!:


Grants Raygun Gothic Rocketship Rayguns

My friend Grant Diffendaffer has made some really cool rayguns for the rocket:

Lightning Rings

Almost Scientific collaborator Dr. Wade Enright has been in town for the past few days and we’ve been working on some new high-voltage effects with him.

These are continuations of out past experiments with dielectric barrier discharge

Hear are some photos from last nights experiments. Thanks to Nick for shooting these photos while we made [...]

Teaching Tibetan monkes science with tinkering

I just got back from a very interesting talk by the PIE group at the Exploratorium. They spent ten days in India teaching Tibetan monks simple scientific concepts with cardboard automata.

They first had them study some pre-made automata and then had them make their own.

In true Exploratorium sprint they emphasized the playful and [...]

Almost Scientific on NBC news

Last week NBC news interviewed Me, Sean O, Tom Sepe and Oliver Lowe (of ReSearch, who is working on a book about Steampunk) about steam-stuff.

Tom give a nice interview about his steam-powered scooter.

While none of the interview of Me or Sean is shown (I think we might have been a bit too snarky [...]

EgoPHobia interview with Sean O about the Steampunk Treehouse

Romanian culture magazine EgoPhobia recently did a long interview with my shop-mate and Treehouse collaborator Sean Orlando about the Steampunk Treehouse and the ideas behind Steampunk.

Click this to read the interview, which features some photos by Almost Scientific!

Sean give an extended response to the hub-bub about the death of steampunk that went down [...]

Treehouse Sighted On The Worlds Web Nets

While scrolling though Boing-Boing today I came across a post to a Steampunk article that mentioned our Steampunk Treehouse.

This time the article is in the latest edition of the IEEE. The IEEE is the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

I get a kick when I see my art featured in the tehcnical journals [...]

Art Across America

For the past month my good friend Jamie Viada has lead a crack crew of fellow West Oakland artists, including Almost Scientific pals Ben Carpenter and Ryon Gesink, on the fist of his Art Across America projects.

Art Across America

is a nationwide art initiative that educates and creates awareness around environmental issues by bringing [...]

The Wether Channel on Steampunk

God help us — even the weather channel has published an article about Stampunk. Overall the article is a rehash of the same old tropes and themes that everyone else has been printing. I’m stunned that there are people out there getting paid to rewrite the same (uninspired ) article that has been written ten [...]

Cardboard Institute of Technology

If you live in the bay area I seriously recommend you that you head down into the Mission district and check out the new super cool instillation by the Cardboard Institute of Technology called Cardburg.

They have built an incredible detailed, miniature city out of cardboard.

There is a cave you can climb in. Cardboard [...]

Very old school forging.

My buddy Ben has this great video on his blog, Backbone Metals.

The black and white film does not do this justice. Keep in mind that the huge glowing thing they are working is around 2300 degrees F. The best part of this film is towards the end as the crew “team strikes” to [...]