Almost Scientific and The Uira Engine on Make

You know at events like Maker Faire I’m constantly being interviewed and videoed, and then I totally forget about them. Well this afternoon during a quick lunch break I checked in on Make and while I’m scrolling along eating a chicken drum stick I suddenly relise that I’m looking at a video of myself. Yep, [...]

The RGR and The Rocket Stop featured in the San Francisco Chronicle

Below is scanned clipping from the San Francisco Chronicle featuring the RGR and The Rocket Stop.

Yeah, it was also posted on-line, but its still cool to see your work printed on real paper.

The Simple Act of Making a Mark on the Arduino blog

Hey look! The Simple Act of Making a Mark is featured on the official Arduino blog!

Sweet! We love the Ardunio!

The Simple Act of Making a Mark on Creative Applications Network Blog

Check it … The Simple Act of Making a Mark was featured on the Creative Applications blog! If you are into contemporary digital art (aka new media), especially post-screen stuff you should be sure to check out CA often, they post tons of great projects.


Maker Faire 2011!

Whew! Maker Faire. My favorite event of the year, but it is exhausting. So much stuff to see, so many awesome people (new and old) to chat with. It was so fantastic meeting so many of you that follow my work on the blog.

Thanks so much to all those who [...]

Massive Undertakings: Almost Scientific Interviewed by SyFy

While we wish they’d drop the Y and return to using an I, we’re honored to be featured in the SyFy channel blog Idea Lab.

Any interview where I get to ponder the awesomeness of Batman’s machine shop is a good one.

I’ve clipped out all the great media they used (you can find all [...]

Interview on Make Blog

If you missed it Make blog did a nice interview with me regarding my affiliation with Applied Kinetic Arts. I’ve reposted the text below. You should also go check out the interviews they did with Nemo, Ben and Jeremy.

Over the past few [...]

Almost Science, Always Art

Almost Science, Always Art


Alan Rorie is a neuroscientist by training. These days, however, you’re more likely to find him using an MIG [...]

What’s going on right now!

At this very moment I am with the rest of the Five Ton Crane Crew in Milton, Delaware (Rehoboth Beach, really) installing The Steampunk Treehouse for the very last time.

Why is this the last time? Well, it is now part of Dogfish Head Brewery!

The install is going well, and the folks at the [...]

Video Documentary of the Raygun Gothic Rocket — from West Oakland to Black Rock City

This is a documentary of the making of the Raygun Gothic Rocket and its installation at Burningman.

One day when I was working on the rocket, this kid showed up with all this camera gear and lights. He started setting up and taking shots in the middle of the shop while people were working. Not [...]

Almost Scientific and The Neuron Chamber in Wired Video

When we did our last show at the Exploratorium I did a video interview with Wired about what The Neuron Chamber was and how it worked. I loved that they wanted me to explain in detail how it worked and not just give a 5 second sound bite. Well the video just went live and [...]

The Raygun Gothic Rocket in Time

Our man David Shulman delivers the straight dope on the RGR in this interview for Time — that “dielectric barrier discharge” he’s talking about is our Uira Engine. This was a really nice short piece and David does a great job :


Oakland artists launch rocket at Burning Man

The Raygun Gothic Rocket was again featured in the Oakland Tribune. This is a follow up article to the one published a few weeks ago.

Oakland artists launch rocket at Burning Man

By Sean Donnelly For the Oakland Tribune

Black Rock City, Nev. — The rumor at this year’s Burning Man Festival was spreading. Was [...]

Oakland Tribune video featuring the crew of the RGR

My friends … my crew.

I come in at around 1:30 mins.


The Raygun Gothic Rocket, Uira Engine and Almost Scientific on Cnet!

Check out this Cnet article on the RGR, featuring a very garbled explanation of the Uira Engines drive mechanism. I had no idea this guy was shooting video with his DSLR. This video starts pretty much right after I finally got it all working. There is also a shot of the Dihemispheric Chronaether Agitator in [...]

Raygun Gothic Rocket on Make blog!

Check out the post on the Make blog about the Raygun Gothic Rocket featuring video by Almost Scientific!:

It Doesn’t Cook Alien Brains, But Yes, It Is a Neuron Chamber — Almost Scientific featured in Solid Smack

My pal Corbett over at Instinct Engineering just let me know that Almost Scientific and The Neuron Chamber were featured on the Solid Works design blog Solid Smack. You can find the original post here, but here is the text of the post:

It’s not so much that everything in the future will be built [...]