The Neuron Chamber on Laughing Squid

Laughing Squid is always one of the first blogs I check out to see what is going on in the Bay Area and beyond, so it was supper cool to load it up this morning and see The Neuron Chamber right there at the top of the page.

Thanks Laughing Squid!

Burstein! wrote:

The [...]

The Neuron Chamber in Gizmodo

Tom Sepe just passed me a link to a Gizmodo post featuring The Neuron Chamber.

Here is my posted reply to the orginal post and the comments:

Hello all –

I’m the artist responsible for The Neuron Chamber.

First, thanks to Gizmodo for the post and thanks to ya’all for the comments.

Second, The Neuron [...]

Almost Scientific on NBC news

Last week NBC news interviewed Me, Sean O, Tom Sepe and Oliver Lowe (of ReSearch, who is working on a book about Steampunk) about steam-stuff.

Tom give a nice interview about his steam-powered scooter.

While none of the interview of Me or Sean is shown (I think we might have been a bit too snarky [...]

EgoPHobia interview with Sean O about the Steampunk Treehouse

Romanian culture magazine EgoPhobia recently did a long interview with my shop-mate and Treehouse collaborator Sean Orlando about the Steampunk Treehouse and the ideas behind Steampunk.

Click this to read the interview, which features some photos by Almost Scientific!

Sean give an extended response to the hub-bub about the death of steampunk that went down [...]

Treehouse Sighted On The Worlds Web Nets

While scrolling though Boing-Boing today I came across a post to a Steampunk article that mentioned our Steampunk Treehouse.

This time the article is in the latest edition of the IEEE. The IEEE is the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

I get a kick when I see my art featured in the tehcnical journals [...]

13 of the coolest art installations in the history of Burning Man

Wow, it’s hard to imagine that a year ago we first installed the Steampunk Treehouse. I just got this link listing the Treehouse as one of the 13 coolest installations in the whole huge dusty, blinky, naked, history of Burning Man.

KSW and Swimming Cities in the New York Times

Yo! Did ya’all see the New York Times piece on the “Swimming Cities” project that my steamy KSW crew is participating in?

No? Well check it out here -> A Floating City With Junkyard Roots

And that fantastic photo leading the article (also shown below) features our steam-powered paddle boat with my man Zach at [...]

The Wether Channel on Steampunk

God help us — even the weather channel has published an article about Stampunk. Overall the article is a rehash of the same old tropes and themes that everyone else has been printing. I’m stunned that there are people out there getting paid to rewrite the same (uninspired ) article that has been written ten [...]

Link Latte 70

I was just doing some regular poking around the web and I clicked over to Dark Roasted Blend, a great site I visit regularly to find all kinds of strange images and links from around the world, and I was delighted and surprised to discover a link to my recent interview with The Steampunk Workshop [...]

Almost Scientific in Make

Make has picked up the Steampunk Workshop interview.

They pulled this quote:

To me, science is largely about taking concrete aspects of the world and abstracting so that they can be communicated. I would spend weeks and months working on my thesis and the result would be some bit of data that only existed on [...]

Almost Scientific Featured on The Steampunk Workshop

I’m honored to have been featured in this interview by the fantastic Meredith Scheff for The Steampunk Workshop.

I’m still recovering from finishing and showing The Neuron Chamber and will have the final round of photos form it up soon!

Portrait of a mad scientist: Alan Rorie of

Meredith Scheff — Mon, 07/14/2008 – [...]

Almost Scientific Photo Sighted In The Wild

It’s been pointed out to me that Goth Magazines recent post on the Steampunk Treehouse featured an Almost Scientific photo!

I believe that photo came from the Coachella install set which can be found here.

Another Mention of Almost Scientific and The Dihemishperic Chronaether Agitator in Wired!

Hey all –

I just got back from taking apart the Steampunk Treehouse in LA and found a note in my inbox from some good friends directing me to this cool photo and blurb in Wired.

The blurb is similar to the other write up they did of the the The Dihemishperic Chronaether Agitator.

Mad Labber Scientist Tinkers With Time: Almost Scientific in Wired!

Wow. I just got back from Maker Faire and had a fantastic time. So many cool projects and brilliant people walking around. A glorious geek fest!

Check out the write up of Almost Scientific and the Dihemispheric Chronaether Agitator in Wired:

Mad Labber Scientist Tinkers With Time


Stanford [...]

Coachella Media Wrap-up

Hey all’ya all — I’m back from an amazing showing of the Steampunk Treehouse at Coachella.

Last year at this time, when we were first starting the project, I would have never gussed that I’d be able to watch Roger Waters and Prince preform while swinging my feet from the main balcony on the treehouse.