Mark Pauline on taking the long way around and spine robots

Shortly after I gave my talk at the Sonoma County Museum as part of the Mad Science show Mark Pauline, founder of Survival Research Labs gave his talk about founding SRL.

Mark and the SRL crew had their new Spine Robot installed as part of the show, and they did one of their famous street [...]

The Future of Art

Dog Park Science Part 2: The Neurobiology of Dog Training

Last week I delivered the second of two talks on “Dog Park Science,” at the Exploratorium. You can find the audio of the first talk here. The two talks are on very different topics. The first is on the evolution of the dog, while this second one is about some of the core animal psychology [...]

Gear Template Generator

Here is a fantastic little web app that generates templates for spur gears.

Once you put in all your specifications (metric only) it generates a sing or a set of gears that can be printed and transferred to wood or metal. Another option allows you to download a file that can be imported into your [...]

Fantastic Contraption

Awhile back I posted about Phun, an on-line, physics based game. Well I’ve come across another one called Fantastic Contraption. The goal is to move an object into a goal area by building a simple device from a series of passive and active wheels and rods. Below is a screen shot.


Incra Rules

Those who have worked with me in the shop know how much I like my precision tools.

Check out these rulers by Incra that I am currently drooling over.

The prices are not bad either.


Creating Your Own Fonts

A Wired wiki entry on creating your own fonts.

Tube Coping Calculator

I’m a big fan of on-line calculators while designing and fabricating. I regularly use a host of trigonometry and geometry on-line calculators and there are tons of others on the web.

But sometimes you need to calculate something very specific to metal working — like a tube coping — that does not easily fall out [...]

Heron Videos

Heron of Alexandria was a bad ass (obviously or else he’d been forgotten) Greek mechanical engineer and fabricator who made incredible kinetic devices involving the movement of air, water and steam. (I’ve bloged about him in the past)

My current interest in Heron focuses on his Aeolipie — a steam jet engine. The first and [...]