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Aperture Parts

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I’m about to start working on a huge 55″ diameter Aperture. Biggest one to date. For the UCSD computer science department.

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Parts za36:(7ffx0) through za36:(8afx0)

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Fix Me

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Aperture Repair

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Rats Nest

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End Caps

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Preparing The Neuron Chamber for the Show on Feb 9 High Voltage Robotic Neurons Painted Bolts Flange


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Wing Parts Wing Model Wing Open Wing closed

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Rehoboth Beach Photoshoot

While installing the Steampunk Treehouse at Dogfish Head Brewery we stayed at the beach “resort” town of Rehboth. On one of our last nights, when most of the work was over, I went out with my lovely 50mm/1.4 and tried to capture the unique boardwalk vibe that I had been living in for [...]

West Oakland Rocketry Club Highlights

The West Oakland Rocketry Club is an Art Rocketry club, based out of West Oakland CA, that Almost Scientific has been part of since the first launch.

Every once in a while (usually at the prompting of Radio Robot) we gather up our hot glue guns, cardboard tubes, Estes motors, wires, pie, our custom designed [...]

Raygun Gothic Rocketship Relics

While we were building the Raygun Gothic Rocketship I was so busy working that I never had any time to take photos. I never felt bad about it because there were so many great photographers taking shots of it. Well today we had to display the Rocket for some very exciting secrete guests and I [...]


West Oakland Rocketry Club: Santa Launch 2008: Photos

WORC saw fit to assemble recently, and, as is our custom, rockets were rapidly made and deployed. Some even went up.

See the full gallery of photos by clicking your pointer right here.