The Lumbering Contraption — photos from the race

The race was fantastic. So much fun. We were not the fastest there (shocking), in fact, I don’t even remember any of our times.

We did win a lovely trophy for Best Engineering.

Number of “official” runs = 2

Number of injures = 1

Severity [...]

The Lumbering Contraption

Ummmmmm — why are we building a 10′ tall 10′ wide hamster wheel call the Lumbering Contraption?

(Not to pick noses, as the Internets would have you believe.)

Well, this Sunday, September 28th, 2008, is the great Handcar Regatta — a race of human-powered rail-track creations.

We [...]

Almost Scientific Photo Sighted In The Wild

It’s been pointed out to me that Goth Magazines recent post on the Steampunk Treehouse featured an Almost Scientific photo!

I believe that photo came from the Coachella install set which can be found here.

Steampunk Treehouse — Coachella Install Photos

I know it’s a bit late but I finally got around to going through my photos from our recent instillation of the Steampunk Treehouse at Coachella.

I tried to document all the various stages that goes into setting it.

You can also see the spreader bar I designed and fabricated in action.

There were too [...]

Eyeball Feed

Max Weld Cog

Big Green Press

Brown Lines In Green

Steampunk Treehouse — Coachella update

The new patina on the roof of Steampuk Treehose is starting to take shape.

Our goal is to give the roof some really aged blue-green color by applying a fresh layer of paint on the rusted metal, and then systematically (and artfully) destroying that layer of paint.

Last weekend we laid down the first [...]

Steampunk Treehouse — Coachella update

Well Coachella is coming up really soon and the Steampunk Treehouse crew has been hard at work getting our little treehouse ready.

We’ve gotten a bulk of the basic upkeep and repair work done and can now take some time to do some cosmetic work.

One of the first things we want to do is [...]

WORC Photoshoot: Tahoe

The West Oakland Rocketry Club meet this past weekend in Tahoe. While Ice Rockets and Rocket Sleds were the rockets de jour, in true WORC style we also saw the launch of a vinyl record, a xmass trees, two vibrators, and an ape plane. Some of them even went straight up.

Below are a [...]

Photo shoot for Backbone Metals

My good pal Ben Carpenter, the man behind Backbone Metals asked me to do a shoot of his latest and greatest piece. Here are some of the images.





DCA: Fabrication 1

A bulk of day was spent making bands. Each hemisphere has a circular band around it and the body is two perpendicular bands, one horizontal and concentric with the bowls and another vertical one for the tray. To make these bands as accurate as possible I first rolled out the flat-bar into circles [...]

WORC Photoshoot: Kung Pow!

Here are some of my choice photos from the first WORC meeting a few months ago:

To see the complete gallery go here.


Remember when I used to ball up ittsy cotton candy bits and flick them into your hair — you know — because I thought it was funny?




Save Ferris

Lollypop Umbrella

West Oakland Rocketry Club: Turkey Shoot

Below is the announcement poster I designed for the upcoming WORC Tureky shoot.

My photos can bee seen here: 5 … 4 … 3 … 2 … 1 … KUNG POW!

Tottaly Illegal SF Soap Box Derby

This weekend was the Soapbox Derby race here in SF and I worked on a racer with a few friends. It was mad mad fun.

My photos