West Oakland Rocketry Club Highlights

The West Oakland Rocketry Club is an Art Rocketry club, based out of West Oakland CA, that Almost Scientific has been part of since the first launch.

Every once in a while (usually at the prompting of Radio Robot) we gather up our hot glue guns, cardboard tubes, Estes motors, wires, pie, our custom designed [...]

West Oakland Rocketry Club: Santa Launch 2008: Photos

WORC saw fit to assemble recently, and, as is our custom, rockets were rapidly made and deployed. Some even went up.

See the full gallery of photos by clicking your pointer right here.


WORC Photoshoot: Tahoe

The West Oakland Rocketry Club meet this past weekend in Tahoe. While Ice Rockets and Rocket Sleds were the rockets de jour, in true WORC style we also saw the launch of a vinyl record, a xmass trees, two vibrators, and an ape plane. Some of them even went straight up.

Below are a [...]

West Oakland Rocketry Club: Tahoe

The West Oakland Rocketry Club (WORC) will be meeting this weekend in Tahoe.

While last time our rocket designs revolved around Thanksgiving, including the famous Turkey Rocket (photos of previous events here and here), and the obvious theme this time is Ice Rockets.

Photos to come.

This event is not open to the public.


WORC Photoshoot: Kung Pow!

Here are some of my choice photos from the first WORC meeting a few months ago:

To see the complete gallery go here.


West Oakland Rocketry Club: Turkey Shoot

Below is the announcement poster I designed for the upcoming WORC Tureky shoot.

My photos can bee seen here: 5 … 4 … 3 … 2 … 1 … KUNG POW!