It’s Alive! Mini-Mover 5 resurrected with Arduino!

When I saw this 5DOF robotic I fell in love with it, that was in the 80s when I was just a little kid. I aways wanted one. So the other day when I saw it collecting dust and longing for the days when it was cutting edge I knew I had to [...]

Code & Object – Parametric design with Processing

I just got back from NYC where I was participating in a great workshop organized by modeLab and lead by Marius Watz, focused on parametric design and generative art using Processing and MakerBots.

For those who mainly know me for my work in metal, high-voltage and kinetics it may seem surprising [...]

Drawing in Processing

The First mouse click creates an attractor point. Additional clicks create points

Key Commands: “-” change the movement direction “BACKSPACE” Stop Motion and create a new attractor point with mouse click “n” clears all points and screen “c” Redraws the background