Almost Science, Always Art

Almost Science, Always Art


Alan Rorie is a neuroscientist by training. These days, however, you’re more likely to find him using an MIG [...]

The Triaparator and The Dihemispheric Chronaether Agitator at the Sonoma County Museum

Tonight I went to the opening of “Envisioning the World: The First Printed Maps 1472-1700,” at the Sonoma County Museum, which featured The Triaparator and The Dihemispheric Chronaether Agitator.

The show was really great. The maps are really stunning in their history and beauty. It was a real honor to have my work shown beside [...]

The Raygun Gothic Rocket, Uira Engine and Almost Scientific on Cnet!

Check out this Cnet article on the RGR, featuring a very garbled explanation of the Uira Engines drive mechanism. I had no idea this guy was shooting video with his DSLR. This video starts pretty much right after I finally got it all working. There is also a shot of the Dihemispheric Chronaether Agitator in [...]

Almost Scientific on NBC news

Last week NBC news interviewed Me, Sean O, Tom Sepe and Oliver Lowe (of ReSearch, who is working on a book about Steampunk) about steam-stuff.

Tom give a nice interview about his steam-powered scooter.

While none of the interview of Me or Sean is shown (I think we might have been a bit too snarky [...]

Michael Rauner Photographs Almost Scientific at Fire Arts

Photographer Michael Rauner took some cool photos of some of my work (The Triaparator, The Dihemispheric Chronaether Agitator and The Neuron Chamber) at the Fire Arts show. He also as some great shots of the Steampunk Treehouse and KSW.

You can see his whole gallery from the show here.

Almost Scientific Featured on The Steampunk Workshop

I’m honored to have been featured in this interview by the fantastic Meredith Scheff for The Steampunk Workshop.

I’m still recovering from finishing and showing The Neuron Chamber and will have the final round of photos form it up soon!

Portrait of a mad scientist: Alan Rorie of

Meredith Scheff — Mon, 07/14/2008 – [...]

Another Mention of Almost Scientific and The Dihemishperic Chronaether Agitator in Wired!

Hey all –

I just got back from taking apart the Steampunk Treehouse in LA and found a note in my inbox from some good friends directing me to this cool photo and blurb in Wired.

The blurb is similar to the other write up they did of the the The Dihemishperic Chronaether Agitator.

Mad Labber Scientist Tinkers With Time: Almost Scientific in Wired!

Wow. I just got back from Maker Faire and had a fantastic time. So many cool projects and brilliant people walking around. A glorious geek fest!

Check out the write up of Almost Scientific and the Dihemispheric Chronaether Agitator in Wired:

Mad Labber Scientist Tinkers With Time


Stanford [...]

The Dihemispheric Chronaether Agitator To Appear At Maker Faire This Weekend

It’s true, my most recently complete work, The Dihemispheric Chronaether Agitator, will be showing all this weekend at the Maker Faire in San Mateo.

I just spent the evening in the shop shining it up and tweaking the gears.

I don’t think I’ll run it on steam power but I’ll have the steamengine there for [...]

Nature Steampunk Feature: Crafters tinker with technology

I’m honored to be somewhat featured in this recent Nature article about Steampunk. Nature is a very high profile science journal that I largely only encounter in my life as a scientist. I think my thesis advisor will find it … let’s say … amusing that I’ve gotten a mention in Nature for my art [...]

The Dihemispheric Chronaether Agitator

The Dihemispheric Chronaether Agitator is a kinetic, “steampunk” sculpture of a “time machine” that is powered by a real steam boiler and steam engine. It was built in collaboration with my good friends at Kinetic Steam Works. It was original displayed at the Edwardian Ball in 2008 and will be displayed again this spring as [...]

Video of The Dihemispheric Chronaether Agitator

On Thursday Dick and I fired up Little Baby Steamy Pants, on of KSWs small boilers and hooked up the DCA.

I shot some video and quickly threw this little movie together. It as my first time shooting video and it’s something I need some more work at;) But I hope the little story wrapping [...]

More Photos of the Dihemispheric Chronaether Agitator at the Edwardian Ball

Here are some photos of the DCA at the Edwardian Ball taken by the event photographers: and



Steampunk Treehouse, KSW, and more on NPR Today!

Hey everyone!

Over the past few weeks Cyrus Farivar, an NPR reporter, has been putting together a story on Steampunk, including the Steampunk Treehouse and KSW for NPRs All Things Considered. He stopped by the Edwardian Ball and interviewed me while I was (exhausted) and setting up the Dihemispehric Chronaether Agiatator.

Well, the story will [...]

DCA: Final Build and Show

Well, it’s been almost a week since the show and I think I’ve finally physically recovered.

The 48 hours leading up to the show were exhausting.

On Thursday night, with my friend Davids help, I was able to get some LED lights installed under the tray. Because the steam engine vibrated I [...]

At the show: Set up

The show was last night. I’m still too tired for a full write up. The piece was a smash success and it will be at the the next two nights of the show as well.




Here’s a photo Dick took while I was setting up:



DCA: Fabracation 10 — The Patina



Well, one of the final aspects of the piece that was undecided utill the end was the finish. One option was to paint it flat black (the original plan) , another was to polish the steel to a shine (an look I began to like the more I looked at [...]