Raygun Gothic Rocketship — Rocket Stop — Hand Sketches

Rocket Stop Poster by Jody Medich

Promotional poster for the Raygun Gothic Rocketship Rocket Stop by Five Ton Crane’s kick-ass Jody Medich.

Raygun Gothic Rocketship — Rocket Stop — CAD sketches.

Almost Scientific at Maker Faire May 21, 22 and 23

I think we’ve just recovered from bringing The Neuron Chamber to Maker Faire 2009 and now Maker Faire 2010 is upon us.

We are going to have a lot going on this year. In addition to once again showing new work with the ever awesome Applied Kinetic Arts, we are also going to be putting [...]

Help Plant a Tree House!

The Five Ton Crane Arts Group proudly announces…! the historic, permanent installation of…! the beloved Steampunk Tree House!

This iconic, fully immersive work of art was the first epic creation by the Oakland based arts group Five Ton Crane. First exhibited at the 2007 Burning Man festival in Nevada, it went on [...]

First fitting of The Steampunk Treehouse’s new roof

Tearing down The Triaparator

On Friday Almost Scientific will be installing The Triaparator at Borderland Books, an amazing and beautiful Science Fiction and Fantasy bookstore in San Francisco. I’m really excited about this instillation. I love the idea of the apertures stewing in all that sci-fi.

In preparation of the install I’m doing a major overall of the piece. [...]

How to assemble a Raygun Gothic Rocketship

Here is a nifty time-lapse video of us assembling the Raygun Gothic Rocketship at NASA Ames for Yuri’s night.

I love the way we scurry about in this video.

Also be sure to check out these spectacular photos of the Raygun Gothic at Yuri’s night.

And stay [...]

The Raygun Gothic Rocketship at NASA for Yuri’s Night (aka The Astronaut Party)

Along with the fantastic Five Ton Crane crew, Almost Scientific just completed another installation of the Raygun Gothic Rocketship at NASA Ames. While setting up our rocket and getting to play with it for a few days is always something special, this time we also got to share it with two amazing groups: [...]

Orginal Concept Drawings of The Neuron Chamber by Backbone Metals

Wow. I found this when I was cleaning out my laptop hard drive. This is one of the first concept drawings Ben (of Backbone Metals fame) did when he and I were first planning The Neuron Chamber. It’s amazing how close we got to these original drawings while still creating something entirely different.


Raygun Gothic Rocketship Papercraft Model

I’m not sure if I’ve posted about it here (I’m loosing track of what I’ve been posting where) but I’ve been working on a papercraft model of the RGR in addition to the wooden model. I really had no idea how hard it was going to be to design a nice papercraft model [...]

Almost Scientific Showing on March 5

Almost Scientific will be showing The Triaparator and some new odds and ends on Friday, March 5th.

The show is at 416 26th Street, Oakland, (Betw.Telegraph and Broadway)

This is the first show of the nascent Five Ton Crane.


Spinny Thing Update

A few weeks ago I posted about a few new sculptures I’ve started, none of which have any designs or plans, but are “make them up as you go along” projects. One of them I’ve been calling Spinny or sometimes Spinny Thing and it’s going to, well spin. The spinning is going to [...]

Prototype of the scale, wooden model of the Raygun Gothic Rocket

So one of the ideas I had while building the Rocket Sam papercraft model was to build some scale models of the Raygun Gothic Rocket that everyone would be able to build.

I’m doing the first in wood, and I just got done putting together a prototype. This was laser cut out of 1/16″ plywood, [...]

Deep Aperture Developments

I love the things you discover when you slowly incorporate the things you already have into a loose design. This project really began when I was designing the Triaparator for the Steampunk Treehouse. While designing the blades I imagined it would bee really beautiful to bend the blades upward as they opened and closed. When [...]

Raygun Gothic Rocketship Relics

While we were building the Raygun Gothic Rocketship I was so busy working that I never had any time to take photos. I never felt bad about it because there were so many great photographers taking shots of it. Well today we had to display the Rocket for some very exciting secrete guests and I [...]