Raygun Gothic Rocketship Relics

While we were building the Raygun Gothic Rocketship I was so busy working that I never had any time to take photos. I never felt bad about it because there were so many great photographers taking shots of it. Well today we had to display the Rocket for some very exciting secrete guests and I [...]

Video Documentary of the Raygun Gothic Rocket — from West Oakland to Black Rock City

This is a documentary of the making of the Raygun Gothic Rocket and its installation at Burningman.

One day when I was working on the rocket, this kid showed up with all this camera gear and lights. He started setting up and taking shots in the middle of the shop while people were working. Not [...]

Thank you!

Thank you all for coming to the show last night at The Exploratorium. I had a great and exhausting time. It was fantastic to see so many friends out in the crowd, and I’m sorry I did not get to talk to any of you for as long as I would have liked.

I’d like [...]

Experiments with Vacuum and Plasma — Advancing The Uira Engine

On Friday the Almost Scientific team documented a series of experiments conducted on the Plasma Tubes of the Uira Engine.

These experiments were largely in preparation for November 5th, 2009, when we will be doing a controlled testing firing of The Uira Engine at The Exploratorium in San Francisco.

The goal of these experiments was [...]

Awsome video of the Uira Engine in action

Wow. This HD video is short, but really captures a bit of the Uira Engine’s high voltage effect. This was shot by Sean Donnelly, the photo/video journalist who followed our work on the Raygun Gothic Rocket. This is just a snippet of a large piece that Sean is working on. He passed it on to [...]

The Raygun Gothic Rocket in Time

Our man David Shulman delivers the straight dope on the RGR in this interview for Time — that “dielectric barrier discharge” he’s talking about is our Uira Engine. This was a really nice short piece and David does a great job :


Oakland artists launch rocket at Burning Man

The Raygun Gothic Rocket was again featured in the Oakland Tribune. This is a follow up article to the one published a few weeks ago.

Oakland artists launch rocket at Burning Man

By Sean Donnelly For the Oakland Tribune

Black Rock City, Nev. — The rumor at this year’s Burning Man Festival was spreading. Was [...]

Turning on the Uira Engine for the first time in The Raygun Gothic Rocket

My pal Gaspo, a valued RGR crew member who helped make the Uira Engine a reality took some video while we were installing it at Burningman:

Oakland Tribune video featuring the crew of the RGR

My friends … my crew.

I come in at around 1:30 mins.


Uira Engine High Voltage Test

It’s ALIVE!!!!

The Raygun Gothic Rocket, Uira Engine and Almost Scientific on Cnet!

Check out this Cnet article on the RGR, featuring a very garbled explanation of the Uira Engines drive mechanism. I had no idea this guy was shooting video with his DSLR. This video starts pretty much right after I finally got it all working. There is also a shot of the Dihemispheric Chronaether Agitator in [...]

Uira Engine — Full Kinetic Test

Incoming Transmission – Moon Lab 42

Here is one of the videos that will be playing insider The Raygun Gotic Rocket. It was written and directed by Ben Carpenter, Edited by Wendy Rolon and preformed by Me and David Shulman.

Uira Engine — Arms installed!

My accomplice Nathanial Taylor over at Radio Robot who has been cnc’ing all my parts for the Uira Engine dropped off the arms the other day. Check out this video of the engine with the arms — you can really see the counter-rotation at work:


Toms S.C.O.U.T rover

Also be sure to check out Tom Sepe and his S.C.O.U.T. rover, which will be running critical missions for the Raygun Gothic Rocket!:


Grants Raygun Gothic Rocketship Rayguns

My friend Grant Diffendaffer has made some really cool rayguns for the rocket:

Uira Engine — sketch

While I love to post my CAD models I also like to give some love to the original hand sketches that usually precede the CAD models. Here is the initial sketch I did of the Uira Engines counter rotation mechanism: