The Rocket Stop – upgrades complete


I hope you enjoyed the preview of The Rocket Stop audio system. The harsh marine environment and rain has taken it’s tool over the past year, but the upgrades went realyl well, and the Stop is looking much better now. The new audio system is working (as of now), but is not quite as loud [...]

Preview of The Rocket Stop audio system upgrade [video]


The RGR and The Rocket Stop featured in the San Francisco Chronicle

Below is scanned clipping from the San Francisco Chronicle featuring the RGR and The Rocket Stop.

Yeah, it was also posted on-line, but its still cool to see your work printed on real paper.

Rocket Stop Video


Great photo of the Raygun Gothic Rocketship and The Rocket Stop

By Dan Vanmoll

Raygun Gothic Rocketship – Rocket Stop audio

Listen up …

This is the main announcement for the rocket stop. There are other announcements that I’ll post soon, but this is the core one. If you hang around the Rocket Stop for about 10 minutes you should hear this one.

I wrote it in collaboration with Copylicious, the voice talent was provided by [...]

Video of The Raygun Gothic Rocketship and The Rocket Stop on pier 14 in San Francisco

From Flickr users The Other Martin Taylor.

The Raygun Gothic Rocketship Rocket Stop

The Raygun Gothic Rocketship Rocket Stop — Showing on Pier 14 of the San Francisco Embarcadero for 14 months.


The Home Stretch

Rocket Stop – The cherry on top

Rocket Stop sign post

Rocket Stop – base in progress

Here’s a quick shot of the base of the Rocket Stop which we just got assembled.

Rocket Stop Fabrication 2

Rocket Stop Fabrication 1

The Rocket Stop fabrication is in full swing!

Rocket Stop Design Drawings

Fabrication of the Rocket Stop should be gearing up over the next week. Here are the most recent CAD images:

What’s going on right now!

At this very moment I am with the rest of the Five Ton Crane Crew in Milton, Delaware (Rehoboth Beach, really) installing The Steampunk Treehouse for the very last time.

Why is this the last time? Well, it is now part of Dogfish Head Brewery!

The install is going well, and the folks at the [...]

Raygun Gothic Rocketship — Rocket Stop — Hand Sketches