Uira Engine High Voltage Test

It’s ALIVE!!!!

The Raygun Gothic Rocket, Uira Engine and Almost Scientific on Cnet!

Check out this Cnet article on the RGR, featuring a very garbled explanation of the Uira Engines drive mechanism. I had no idea this guy was shooting video with his DSLR. This video starts pretty much right after I finally got it all working. There is also a shot of the Dihemispheric Chronaether Agitator in [...]

Uira Engine — Full Kinetic Test

Uira Engine — Arms installed!

My accomplice Nathanial Taylor over at Radio Robot who has been cnc’ing all my parts for the Uira Engine dropped off the arms the other day. Check out this video of the engine with the arms — you can really see the counter-rotation at work:


Uira Engine — sketch

While I love to post my CAD models I also like to give some love to the original hand sketches that usually precede the CAD models. Here is the initial sketch I did of the Uira Engines counter rotation mechanism:

Uira Engine — Video of the core kinetic system

Here is a quick video showing the first test of the Uira Engine core kinetic system. Right now it’s still hand powered, but you can basically see how it works. Turning the drive shaft, which is attached to the top tube, drives a set of chained sprockets on the bottom transferring the rotating to the [...]

Uira Engine and RGR Awesomeness

Here are some photos of the Uira Engine starting to come together as well as some shots of the Raygun Gothic Rocket looking awesome.

Machining the slip ring.

Slip ring close up

Cutting the phenolic discs for the slip rings. Nasty business [...]

Uira Engine Controls

I’ve started working on the Uira Engine Controls.

The upper yellow box will be the primary set of controls. The silver box below will house the transformer, varac and other odds and end. On the front of the silver box will be some switches, buttons and lights for people to play with. The long sliver [...]

New Work: The Raygun Gothic Rocket Uira Engine

Over the past few months we’ve been getting allot of questions about what exactly is going to power the Raygun Gothic Rocket. Until now we’ve been been engaged in a massive misinformation campaign to keep our revolutionary engine design a secrete. However, now that we are moving out of the R&D stage and [...]