Coachella Media Wrap-up

Hey all’ya all — I’m back from an amazing showing of the Steampunk Treehouse at Coachella.

Last year at this time, when we were first starting the project, I would have never gussed that I’d be able to watch Roger Waters and Prince preform while swinging my feet from the main balcony on the treehouse.


Steampunk Treehouse — Coachella update — Bennas Photos

Benna is always snapping photos of everyone while we are working and ever once in a while she post some of them. If you are curious to see another persons perspective on what goes on around the work site check out these photos.

I promise there are some goofy pictures of me in there.

Steampunk Treehouse — Coachella update — Spreader Bar

The other item that has been taking up some of my time is the design of the spreader bar for the Coachella instillation.

What is a spreader bar

Well, we are going to need to pick up the house with a crane and place it on the trunk. To do this we are going to [...]

Steampunk Treehouse — Coachella update — Signature Plate

The other night while preping the Treehosue for Coachella we realized that we never signed it. So we’ve decided to create a “signature plate” that would have the name of the piece and the names of everyone who worked on it.

Here is the design I whipped up quickly (so we can have it done [...]

Steampunk Treehouse — Coachella update — Flyer Desig

I’ve designed this kick-ass flyer to promote the Treehouse project at Coachella. These wil be printed up 8.5″ x 11.5″ and distributed backstage, in the VIP areas and inside the Treehouse (which will be closed to to public but open to VIPs)

This is more or less done though there may be some small last [...]

Steampunk Treehouse — Coachella update — Copper Patina Samples

It’s difficult to see in most of the photos of the tree house but the inside of the Triparator windows (on the house wall … yes I’ll get a photo soon) is lined with copper.

It always struck me as odd (though no one else ever noticed) that everything on the Treehouse looked old but [...]

Steampunk Treehouse — Coachella update

The new patina on the roof of Steampuk Treehose is starting to take shape.

Our goal is to give the roof some really aged blue-green color by applying a fresh layer of paint on the rusted metal, and then systematically (and artfully) destroying that layer of paint.

Last weekend we laid down the first [...]

Steampunk Treehouse — Etching for the Burning Man office

Last night I also got a good photo of the etching I made for the gift the Steampunk Treehouse crew is giving the Burning Man office to thank them for all their support last year.

I did the etching and Martin did the frame. Kate and Sean lent a hand in finishing it.

Here is [...]

Steampunk Treehouse — Coachella update

Well Coachella is coming up really soon and the Steampunk Treehouse crew has been hard at work getting our little treehouse ready.

We’ve gotten a bulk of the basic upkeep and repair work done and can now take some time to do some cosmetic work.

One of the first things we want to do is [...]

Steampunk Treehouse, KSW, and more on NPR Today!

Hey everyone!

Over the past few weeks Cyrus Farivar, an NPR reporter, has been putting together a story on Steampunk, including the Steampunk Treehouse and KSW for NPRs All Things Considered. He stopped by the Edwardian Ball and interviewed me while I was (exhausted) and setting up the Dihemispehric Chronaether Agiatator.

Well, the story will [...]

Aether Emporium on KSW & The Steampunk Treehouse

Aether Emporium, a steampunk website, has just posted a great interview with Sean Orlando about the Steampunk Treehouse project and KSW. Sean is one of the founders of KSW and the director of the Treehouse project.

The article features some great photos including one of the best I’ve see of the Triaparator.


The Steampunk Treehouse on BoingBoing TV

More proof that I excel at making noise.

Watch and believe.

The next episode I believe will be all about KSW.

They also used some of my photos as still in the video.


Steampunk Treehouse and Triaparator video

I can across this on youtube which has some video of the Treehouse and the Triaparator in action.

Steam Punk Treehouse Etch

Well, the other day when I did the etching for the DCA I also did and etching I’d been trying to get done for several months. This etching is going to be given to the Burning Man office as a gift for all of their help and support in getting the Steampunk Treehouse built.


Treehouse Construction Photos

BC of the Treehouse crew has unearthed some lost photos from the good old days of the Treehouse construction.

Treehouse And Triaparator Photos

Burningcam has some fantastic photos of the Steampunk Treehouse at Burning Man this year, including these great ones of my Triaparator: