The Neuron Chamber Lightwave Opening Day


The Almost Scientific Team

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Lightwave install photos

So the Lightwave install is coming along very well. While we’ve hit a few bumps and caught a few snags here and there we’ve been able to over come it all.

One of the biggest problems we’ve had was losing the control panel when one of the boxes David was bring [...]

The Neuron Chamber — Lightwave Test

After finally getting the chamber out of the crate and onto the gallery floor we wanted to do a quick test to make sure everything was working. No joke, we shot this video not even know if everything was going to work. Amazingly, it all worked right out of the box, and it will run [...]

Opening The Neuron Chamber at Lightwave

The first thing we needed to do was get our crate onto the second floor of the gallery, and then get the crate open. Here is a short video of it. Enjoy!

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The Neuron Chamber — Setting up for Lightwave at the Science Gallery

Where in the world is The Neuron Chamber? — it’s in Dublin! Yes folks The Neuron Chamber successfully made its long journey across the pond. We arrived a few days ago and began setting it up. We’ve been super busy here at the Science Gallery getting everything ready for the Lightwave show which is why [...]

Where in the world is The Neuron Chamber 3

Neuron Chamber — Final Fabrication Before Lightwave

Well we are finally finished fabricating for the Lightweight show in Dublin. Hear are some photos from the past few days.

First are some shots of the cover for the control panel. The original instillation did not include a cover because we never imagined we would be leaving it unattended, however, for the month long [...]

Where in the world is The Neuron Chamber 2

Where in the world is The Neuron Chamber 1


Ship Type: Cargo – Hazard C (Minor) Year Built: 1985 Length x Breadth: 292m X 32m DeadWeight: 51648 MT Speed recorded (Max / Average): 10.7 / 7.7 knots Flag: Sweden [SE] Call Sign: SCKM

Current Location:

Halifax, Nova Scotia.


The Neuron Chambers Antenna Array Part 2

When I last posted photos of the antenna part of the antenna array it was not yet finished. Now it is. And it’s shiny.


The Neuron Chambers Antenna Array

Here are some photos of some of the parts I’ve been working on for the Neuron Chambers antenna array. The array is going to go where the argon tank went in the last instillation. It will have at least two lights that signal when the chamber is on-line and when it is off-line. One of [...]

Almost Scientific Needs Your Help!

Attention Almost Scientific readers! We need your help!

As a regular visitor to Almost Scientific you no doubt already know we have been asked to bring the Neuron Chamber to participate in Lightwave, a fantastic exhibition of art, science and design at the Science Gallery in Dublin, Ireland.

Our Irish colleagues [...]

The Neuron Chamber Sets Sail For Dublin, Ireland

Well the Neuron Chamber has been released into the wild. The other morning I boxed it up, craned it onto the truck and drive it to South San Francisco where I watched the big wooden box disappear indiana-jones style into a large warehouse of wooden boxes. Hopefully it will be in Ireland (and [...]

The Neuron Chamber — Arc Video

In anticipation of our upcoming, month-long showing in Ireland this winter we’ve been reworking some elements of the arc puller on the neuron sculpture to get them to arc more frequently. Here is a test we ran the other night. This is by no means fully dialed in yet but I realised that I’ve never [...]

The Neuron Chamber — Lightwave Prep — High Voltage Manifold

I’ve started fabricating the additions to the Neuron Chamber for our upcoming show in Ireland.

One of the most important additions is the High Voltage Manifold, that will house the high voltage wires running from the neon sign transformers to the axons.

For the last installation we ran the wire through soft, black, rubber tube. [...]