The Simple Act of Making a Mark on the Arduino blog

Hey look! The Simple Act of Making a Mark is featured on the official Arduino blog!

Sweet! We love the Ardunio!

The Simple Act of Making a Mark on Creative Applications Network Blog

Check it … The Simple Act of Making a Mark was featured on the Creative Applications blog! If you are into contemporary digital art (aka new media), especially post-screen stuff you should be sure to check out CA often, they post tons of great projects.


Maker Faire 2011!

Whew! Maker Faire. My favorite event of the year, but it is exhausting. So much stuff to see, so many awesome people (new and old) to chat with. It was so fantastic meeting so many of you that follow my work on the blog.

Thanks so much to all those who [...]

Recursive Drawing Machine: x-axis test

I’ve started working on a new sculpture that is a bit of a departure from many of my past projects. It’s an interactive, recursive drawing machine. I’ll post more about the details as the piece comes to life, but the core of it is the drawing machine its self. I’ve made some great progress on [...]