Bell X1 sounds like The Talking Heads

So I head this great song through the static on the radio the other day and I swore it was either a Talking Heads, or David Byrne song that I’d never heard before or was new. Of course I could not remember any of the lyrics (other then there was a line about an x-ray [...]

You know … for your ears — Vol.2

Let me introduce you to Buck 65. I’m not even sure what to say about this guy. He has made some of the best music I’ve heard in years. Brilliant, clever lyrics, deep melody, a poetic, hip-hop flow as smooth as it is gritty — as if J Cash were born again today in Detroit. [...]

You know … for your ears — Vol.1

I give you … MUSIC! You know that good stuff that you put in your ears, those fabulous rarefactions and compressions that drum your ear and grab hold of your brain stem and make you bob, strut and boogie while you’re working in the shop (or as you try to finish your Ph.D [...]