Aperture Lamp (2010)


When I began building the Triaparator I made a prototype of a single, small aperture to be sure I had the mechanics all worked out before I committed to building three.   For several years this prototype kicked around my studio and I used it occasionally to demonstrate the mechanism.  But I realized it was a shame to let such a gorgeous piece go idle and I wanted to do something new few a show that  was coming up, so I turned it into a lamp.

I found this really fitting, because when I was figuring out how apertures worked I took allot of them apart, but the one that really inspired my design was from an old stage lamp.

Also fitting was the perfect fit of the small copper hemisphere that came with the larger copper hemisphere I used in the The Dihemispheric Chronaether Agitator.

The light source is a LED behind the small circle at the center of the aperture and throw light onto the copper hemisphere.

The lamp is adjustable, the brightness can obviously be changed by opening and closing the aperture and it can also rotate and pivot.

Installation Photos

Design and Fabrication