The Neuron Chamber (2008)


Science and art are both acts of understanding and communicating, each running in equal but opposite directions. Scientists generate abstractions communicating an understanding of specific physical phenomenon. Artists generate specific physical phenomenon communicating an understandings of abstractions. The Neuron Chamber explores this relationship by communicating a scientific abstraction through interactive sculpture.

The Neuron Chamber depicts three neurons under observation in a mysterious tank. Neurons are brain cells that create our experiences by generating electrical impulses called action potentials that travel their length. These impulses are represented by 15 000 volt electrical arcs twisting down their length in response to buttons on the tank. The neurons are sculpted from forged steel to demonstrate the irregular and textured morphologies observed in the laboratory.

Installation photos


Interview with Wired at The Exploratorium

The Neuron Chamber at Lightwave 2009:

The Neuron Chamber at Lightwave:

The Neuron Cahmber at Maker Faire 2009:

Design and Fabrication

CAD Design Drawings