The Rocket Stop (2010)


When we first began planning the instillation of the Raygun Gothich Rocketship on Pier 14 in San Francisco it became clear that we were not going to be able to allow anyone inside.  But so much of what makes the Rocket so amazing and allows it to connect with so many people is its immersive environment. When you climb up into the rocket and see all the stuff inside it really makes you feel like you are in another world.

We really wanted a way to show the huge, new audience that there was a larger world around the Rocket.  The port suggested that we create an informational kiosk that would communicate all this. As soon as I heard this the idea for a Rocket Stop popped into my brain.

What is a Rocket Stop?  A Rocket Stop is to rockets as a Bus Stop is to busses.  We knew from the get go that we wanted to Rocket Stop to be as much like a functional municipal object as possible. From day one we planed to have to have a back lit signs, a schedule, route map, fake advertisements and an announcement system.

It would have been impossible for us to have gotten all this done in a month if not for Five Ton Crane.  Jody Medich did the graphic design for the main cylindrical sign.  I wrote the audio anouncments in collaboration with Copylicious, the voice talent was provided by Naomi and Leslie Gruntiz, and the production and recordings were done byAndrew Jimenez.  And the programming of all the hardware was done by Weeb, Drew, Colleen, CTP.  I had massive help in the fabrication stage by David Shulman, Dave “Diamond” Gardner and Colin Babcock.

The Rocket Stop specs:

* 11′ tall, powder coated steel

* Waterjet cut and hand worked parts

* 5 illuminated LED and acrylic signs

* An arduino controlled anouncment system

The main sign designed by Jody Medich (click to enlarge)


Sample of the audio anouncments

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Installation Photos

Design and Fabrication

Hand sketches

CAD Sketches

CAD Build Drawings